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"Come aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams."

Join the anime crew, where folders are sorted by anime and all levels of skill are accepted!
If you see us, join us! We're still active, so don't worry about joining a dead group.
Founded 2 Years ago
Feb 16, 2015


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108 Members
98 Watchers
4,166 Pageviews
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Rules and Folders: (please read!)


Here are the group rules and folder guidelines!

1) Please submit deviations to the folder of the anime they belong to. If there is no folder of the anime you wish to submit, there is a special folder for that!

2) NO hentai. This is another clean group, so hentai and nudity are not allowed (nudity only allowed with Mature filter. Hentai not allowed AT ALL). Minor ecchi, however, is accepted. (Brook wants to see some panties! lol)

3) Rudeness will not be tolerated. Be nice.

4) Please submit deviations only if they have decent quality. Quality does NOT mean art style in this case. It means that deviations with sloppy coloring, poorly scanned, hard to see (e.g. due to lack of color), etc, will be declined. Give us your best! (Stolen artwork is also not allowed.)

5) Deviations in the wrong folder will be declined. If that's the case, you will be told, so please re-submit to the correct folder.

6) Please do not submit cosplay or literature.

If there are any problems with anything, please inform us via a Note or on the front page.

Now for the folders!

:bulletpink: No Folder! -- This is where deviations go if there isn't a folder for the anime artwork you're submitting. A folder for that particular anime will then be created eventually. However, this is NOT the folder to submit to if you're just being lazy.

:bulletgreen: Anime Non-Anime & Games -- As confusing as this title is, this folder is for anime style of media that is not originally anime, such as My Little Pony, Monster High, etc. Video game fan-art goes here too, unless it has its own folder. If you have questions, please ask before submitting.
:bulletred: Attack on Titan
:bulletorange: Bleach
:bulletpink: Crossovers (any anime crossed over with another anime[s], book, movie, etc.)
:bulletblack: Death Note
:bulletpink: Fairy Tail
:bulletyellow: Hetalia
:bulletred: InuYasha
:bulletpink: Kawaii Stuff (Got a piece of cake with a face? Put it here! This folder is for anything considered "kawaii" as long as it's not a character. Kawaii stamps and pixel art are allowed here, too!)
:bulletred: Kiddy Grade
:bulletgreen: Legend of Zelda (the style of most of the games is anime-like, so I include the game in the group)
:bulletpink: Madoka Magica
:bulletblue: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (The ____ of Haruhi Suzumiya)
:bulletpink: Mew Mew
:bulletorange: Naruto
:bulletred: One Piece
:bulletblack: Original Characters (characters created by you. Fan characters don't go here, but rather to the folders of the anime they were created for.)
:bulletblue: Ouran High School Host Club
:bulletyellow: PokeMon (this includes anything from the games, too!)
:bulletpink: SailorMoon
:bulletblack: Soul Eater
:bulletblue: Vocaloid (UTAU included)
:bulletgreen: YuYu Hakusho

As stated, if there isn't a folder for a particular anime, just submit to No Folder and I'll soon create one (depending on how much of that particular anime there is)!

Thanks for reading! Now give me your best shot!

Gallery Folders

No Folder
Chibi Ene by Lizally
Jibanyan by Lizally
Edward Elric by SparkleLight3
Asuna Yuuki Pencil Drawing by SparkleLight3
Anime Non-Anime and Games
Shiraishi by AkuArtist
Kimi no Na Wa - This is not The End by ryokudou
Junko Enoshima Pencil Sketch by SparkleLight3
Friendly Blue Guy by EclairRose
Attack on Titan
El coloso by Tecnomayro
Mikasa Ackerman by Tecnomayro
Rain of Despair by Tecnomayro
Armin Arlert By Tecnomayro by Tecnomayro
Hitsugaya by TsubakiExplosion
Commission - Orihime Inoue and Uryu Ishida by DenisseSan
Kisuke Urahara by danielcamilo
Orihime Inoue by danielcamilo
~(ID)~ FEAR ME! by Chibi-Chan02
NES by TakuyaRawr
Totoro in Spirited Away by NadiaDibaj
Elsa and Kirino by Deadguybeer
Death Note
Light Yagami by danielcamilo
Little Black Book by EclairRose
She Really is a Sweetie, You Know by EclairRose
Near and Mello by danielcamilo
Fairy Tail
Juvia Lockser by danielcamilo
Levy McGarden Pencil Sketch by SparkleLight3
Erza Scarlet Pencil Sketch by SparkleLight3
Natsu Dragneel Pencil Sketch by SparkleLight3
FullMetal Alchemist
Edward Elric by danielcamilo
Kiku Study by TsubakiExplosion
Flowers from Ivan by TsubakiExplosion
Nyo! Russia by zPoxi
China #16 by TsubakiExplosion
Reader's Day by Lizally
Being cool by Lizally
Best friends by Lizally
WTF? by Lizally
Kawaii Stuff
Ace Chibi Hearts :3 [Heart no Kuni no Alice] by Maspaz04
Slice of Orange Cake by wildgica
Slice of Strawberry Cake by wildgica
Chocolate Ice cream by Tribrush
Kiddy Grade
Kiddy Grade: Eclair by LaylaSan
Legend of Zelda
Vaati by KHHero358
Evil Link - Twilight Princess by Animemysteries
Midna by NeonCelestia20
Volga by KHHero358
Madoka Magica
Magical Girl Patricia by SparkleLight3
Madoka Kaname Pencil Drawing by SparkleLight3
Sayaka Miki Pencil Sketch by SparkleLight3
Homura Akemi Pencil Sketch by SparkleLight3
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Ryoko Crazy Eyes-akura by EclairRose
Solitude -remake- by darthplegias
Haruhi Suzumiya by oOBrushstrokeOo
Yuki Nagato by HitsuHere
Mew Mew
Mew Lettuce by BinkaKitty
Mew Mew by 0XsarachanX0
Tokyo Mew Mew - Mew Ichigo by Crystal-Ribbon
Mew Mew Power, In Your Face by Suhathebat
Headshot Hinata Hyuga by Tecnomayro
Sarada Uchiha - Don't mess with me by DenisseSan
Konsu Contest - LeeKon/ Under a thounsand lights by DenisseSan
Sasori realism - Master of Puppets. by DenisseSan
One Piece
Nami by Tecnomayro
Onepiece Nico Robin by CartoonWatch
When I was a young boy... by ina2107
Going Merry by Marmaladica
Original Characters

Mature Content

Ruler of the Deep by shellz-art
Promise by AkuArtist
Wraith Blade by AkuArtist
Sword Master by AkuArtist
Ouran High School Host Club
The_First_Time_I_Saw_You by Miyuki-Tsukiyono
Ouran_HaruTama by Miyuki-Tsukiyono
tamaki x haruhi by otakuangelx
Close your eyes by Detoreik
Mew by foxlett
Terriermon and Pikachu by foxlett
The Abandoned Dam by TakuyaRawr
Squeeze by TakuyaRawr
Sailor Moon Contest by Tecnomayro
Sailor Moon by Roxya237
[cm] Moon Princess Halation Crystal by Axsens
Magical Girl Commission: Sailor Earth by galia-and-kitty
Soul Eater
Crona Pencil Sketch by SparkleLight3
DtK by TsubakiExplosion
Soul Eater - IKUSOO ! [Fanart] by Nesallienna
Megane Soul and Maka by TsubakiExplosion
Megurine Luka by Kanshi290
Nyan and whatnot by TakuyaRawr
Miku loves junk food by TakuyaRawr
Chuko Miku by miyunie
YuYu Hakusho
Kurama by eschellan
Paint It Red by EclairRose
Hiei Stamp ~Shy Little Guy~ by XxGaaraloverxX
UURRRRAMESHIII!!! by lielurr


I've given up my My Little Pony group to my IRL best friend (for those of you who don't know, the group was :iconmylittleponybrigade: )

Instead I've taken a different route and created a NEW My Little Pony group, this one dedicated to humanized MLP characters. I'd love to see it grow to be one of the biggest and best MLP human/gijinka groups out there, so if you're interested, join up! Invite any friends that might be interested too!

Keep in mind, though, that unlike my other groups, this one does have a quality standard. Not a very strict one, of course, but higher than I usually allow.

The new one is found at :iconpeople-of-equestria:!
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Our buddy groups! The Anime Crew will affiliate with pretty much any anime-related group. Declines or acceptances based on personal preferences.

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Lunnika-Horo Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Professional Photographer
Can you create a Shaman King folder?
EclairRose Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I create folders for animes that have enough artwork submitted to the group, usually no less than 5 pieces. For now, things that don't have a folder go in No-Folder.
AkumaKasai109 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for allowing me to join this very talented group!!!!
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You're welcome, we're glad to have you! I'm sorry I couldn't be here the past few days, I've been having internet troubles. I hope you enjoy your stay!
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hi, i'm new here. thank you for accepting me:) (Smile) 
EclairRose Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello, welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here!
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thx for accepting my request! 
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You're welcome! Welcome to the crew!
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Thank you for the requests! :D
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